5 Reasons Not to Use Social Media as Your Website

Social media has its place in your funnel, but If you’re relying on it to serve as your website, you’re doing your business a disservice. 

Why? I’m glad you asked. 

Rent vs Own

You don’t own social, so who knows if you’ll get kicked off or they’ll go out of business? You own your domain name and always will (as long as you don’t forget to renew.)


Information Overload

Your social is a revolving door of content. While you may be able to pin some information on your profile, a website allows you to have much more information exactly where you want it so your viewers can easily find it.


Search Power

Your audience might not even be on social media, but chances are they are googling for answers. 

Strong SEO helps you show up in search results at the moment your future customer is looking for solutions. 

By curating thoughtful content relevant for your audience, you increase the likelihood people will find your website.


Tell Your Story

Social is for snippets of the story while a website gives you space to tell it all. 

Lead readers through a journey by strategically laying out your story over organized pages.


Optimize Ads

Google wants to lead ad viewers back to where? You guessed it, a website, or at least a landing page. 

If you lead ad clickers back to facebook they’re going to see the last thing you posted rather than specific, relevant content pertaining to the ad. 

With a landing page you maintain control over the message! 

Again, it’s about leading your reader on a journey down your marketing funnel so they get to know you and are more apt to choose your service or product.  

And, the better the optimization on your website, the better your ads will do. Good SEO and authority content works for both organic and paid traffic.

Moral of the Story 

Even if your social is full of fans, take the time to build out your website (with the help of a marketing strategist and designer, like moi, of course.) 

You’ll thank me later.


Ditch the DIY

Work with me and I’ll build the website that fits your business and gets you noticed.


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