Reinvention and Rebirth: How I’m Updating My Brand in 2024

I Said Hey! What’s Goin’ On? 

Sitting at my desk looking at the calendar. It’s almost 20-frikkin-24. How? How is time flying so fast? 

When I look back at 2023 I can see a lot of progress, but not in my business. 

In my head. 

Business was not good. Not good at all. But that’s because I didn’t market myself. And why, you ask? Because I was scared. And confused. And not confident. 

But when I look in my head I see a ton of work that’s been done. 

  1. Self-diagnosed ADHD
  2. Worked on getting over said ADHD hangups
  3. Dealt with doubt and depression regarding said ADHD
  4. Let myself rest
  5. Prayed. A lot. 
  6. Decided I’m not ready to quit

So a rebirth is in order.

Over Christmas we took a day to clean out the kids’ rooms. Threw away or donated old things. Swept, moved, boxed. Moved in the new things. 

It was hard work but it felt good. 

Over Christmas I also took a few mornings to work on my brand. Welcome to the stage, the new and improved, Janda White. 

New year, new rebrand. Need new photos but those are coming. 

Ever since I started my business, I have wrestled with my brand. The look, the feel, the name, the offers. I created a business name and brand, Wild Brand Creative (and rebranded it about 3 times.) I formed an LLC and got all the businessy things. Bank accounts, tax peeps, all the things. 

But guess what? I never truly loved my business brand. 

No matter how many times I redesigned it, I just felt like it was too much to market myself with my name and with a business name. I couldn’t reconcile the panda with the flamingo with the leopard. (Another story for another day.) It just never made sense

I still have the business name and may even keep it b/c paperwork sucks and I do anticipate future growth. 

But I’m sticking with my name and url for branding my business for now. 

After all, it’s me. Hi. I’m the brand, it’s me. 

It was too overwhelming to craft a Wild Brand Creative social presence and website while also crafting a personal brand social presence and website. 

So, is redesigned. points there. Updating my offers, systems, and planning content for 2024. 

And you know what? It feels good. 

I’m gonna do that dang thing. And even though I know I’ll struggle with imposter syndrome and fear, my new brand helps provide some confidence that I will find my people out there. The people I can help. 

So let’s do this.


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